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Are you relocating your business to or from an office in Western Sydney in suburbs such as Penrith or Parramatta? A lot of businesses are taking advantage of our services as we’re specialists in moving offices. We service the entire greater Sydney area with uniquely tailored and cost-effective office relocation solutions.

Having your own employees help you move offices can be detrimental to the overall function of your business and your ability to continue to produce services your clients rely on. These unnecessary costs to your business’s bottom line can be easily avoided by employing a team of professionals to assist you.

In addition to the fact that we actually physically move your desks, furniture and Western Sydney office entirely, we’ve also got experience in dealing with the mishaps that frequently occur when business owners attempt to perform the job themselves. Problems with internet set up, office furniture assembly, mail forwarding and more are all too common. Since we’re involved in the planning phase, we can share a wealth of knowledge with you, helping you to avoid such mishaps entirely.

We dedicate an entire team to understanding your move
and every potential stakeholder’s interests. We’ll check all the relevant lease expiry and settlement dates, and communicate with building managers, business managers, HR representatives, interns – and everyone in between! It’s this attention to detail that allows us to deliver an unrivalled, holistic service that allows you and your employees to focus on running on the business while we focus on relocating it seamlessly.
Not sure what the first move should be, or have a question for one of our office relocation specialists? Get in touch with us now on 0431 341 072.

If you’re moving an entire office in Western Sydney or want to learn about what’s involved, feel free to get in touch. We live and breathe this stuff every day – we’re organised, experienced and ready to go.