Office Furniture Assembly


Assembling office furniture

One of the things our clients tell us they like least about office relocation is disassembling and reassembling office furniture. More often than not, desks need to be pulled apart to be able to be moved with ease, and most offices will have countless chairs and accessories to be transported, too.

Disassembling and reassembling office furniture can be very time consuming and, when you’re relocating your business’s office with only limited time available, it can become very costly – especially if you need to get employees to help! Particularly if you’re a small business, before you know it, everyone will be fully consumed with relocation tasks and no-one will actually be doing any work. Having your business at a complete stand still for any amount of time can be extremely costly and damaging.

More often than not, these office furniture tasks also require heavy lifting and the use of tools, which is something that a lot of business owners simply don’t want to deal with due to occupational health and safety regulations.

This is where the team at Business Movers can really help. In addition to our services as office removalists for businesses in Sydney, we also offer office furniture assembly. Take the stress and worry out of moving all those desks, or putting together all that new furniture, simply by employing our services.

Got a question you need answering, or just want more information? Simply request a quote or, alternatively, give us a call now on 0431 341 072. Whether you’re looking for an office furniture assembly service specifically, or want to enquire about our professional office relocation service, please do get in touch. We’d love to help ensure that your office move is the smoothest move imaginable.